On-Site, Bespoke SEO Training in Leeds:

Improve Your Visibility in 2013

Our SEO training courses in Leeds are designed to be tailored to your industry. While we don’t pretend to be able to turn you into an SEO expert in the space of 7-8 hours, our delegates always leave out training sessions with the ability to launch, implement and maintain their own in-house SEO Campaigns.

What you will learn:

From keyword research and on-site optimisation, to a scalable link building strategy and analytics, our SEO training courses are held at your place of business and will show you everything you need to take control of your SEO Campaign.

Please review our full course structure for more information.

About Me:

My name is Gareth Mailer, I’m an SEO professional of eight years experience.

The term ‘SEO professional’ or ‘SEO expert’ should be enough to make you consider running for cover, however I’m far more than a bedroom enthusiast, and with my experience working with large multinational brands and having delivered over 200 SEO Training Courses since I founded Clickwork Media, I can give you full assurance the strategies I pass onto you on the day will boost your visibility in search and generate a significant ROI.

I'm often asked "why SEO Training", and the answers are obvious:

  • You know your business better than any third party agency EVER will.
  • The skills you or your business will require to build and maintain an SEO campaign aren’t difficult to learn – you don’t need to be an ‘SEO Expert’, you just need to know enough.
  • We provide three months free after training support, as well as access to training materials – the amount you can save, and the extent to which you can build visibility superior to that which would be achieved from outsourcing to a third party agency, makes the investment more than worthwhile.

Please contact us today and ask to speak to me – I guarantee you that after a 10 minute conversation you will be more than impressed.

n.b. we only offer bespoke, on-site courses in Leeds; please see the price schedule below – get in touch and ask one of our account managers to book some time for us to have a chat about your industry, your visibility and what you can achieve from search with just a bit of application.

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