SEO Training Courses in Birmingham:

Revitalise Your Visibility in 2013:

Our On-Site SEO Training Courses in Birmingham are designed to be tailored to your needs and to give you or your business the knowledge you require to plan, launch and maintain your own SEO Campaign, in-house.

We can show you exactly what large digital agencies are doing for their clients – it’s not nearly as difficult as you might imagine. While we don’t claim to be able to turn you into an ‘SEO Expert’ in the space of eight hours, the short story is you don’t need to be – you just need to know what to do in your industry. Once you know that, I guarantee you will be able to generate superior results to ANY Agency you outsource to, mainly because no Agency will ever know your business better than you.

What You Will Learn:

We show you what you need to know, from keyword research and competitive analysis, to on-site optimisation and link building strategies, every base is covered off and tuition is provided by Gareth Mailer, our Head of SEO and an actual SEO Expert of over eight years (he’s the reason we rank on the first page for just about every generic ‘SEO Training’ and ‘SEO Courses’ keyword variation).

More importantly, the course is held at your place of business, which ultimately means you don’t need to do anything – we take care of everything for you. With three months free after training support included as standard, you can also rest assured that we’re on call even after the day.

Our Reputation:

It’s often difficult to know whether or not to trust an SEO Agency – well, here’s the short story. Founded in 2010, we have delivered over 200 nationwide SEO training courses in that period (up to 2013); more importantly, we have extensive experience implementing SEO Campaigns in a practical context, Clickwork Media is, after all, an SEO Agency too.

Please review some of our testimonials or better yet, give us a ring and speak to Gareth Mailer, who will deliver the course on the day. Please also read our full course structure.

Contact us now on 0161 872 6090.  

  • On-site SEO Training:
  • £597
  • A full day SEO training course held at your place of business and tailored to your industry.
  • A comprehensive course structure detailing all important aspects of search engine optimisation - suitable for all levels, or can be tailored with more advanced techniques.
  • 3 months FREE after-training support.
  • FREE access to our online membership area.
  • Typically two weeks notice required, depending on availability.
  • Please call us now for more information.
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  • Public SEO Training
  • A full day of SEO training, classes are typically no larger than 4 delegates.
  • Comprehensive course structure detailing all important aspects of Search Engine Optimisation.
  • Our public courses will teach you the skills and techniques you NEED to know to take SEO in-house.
  • FREE access to our online membership area.
  • Please call us now for availability.
  • Contact Us
  • Bespoke SEO Training
  • £POA
  • A fully bespoke solution, delivered over a series of days, or more specifically per your requirements.
  • Covering Search Engine Optimisation as it applies in your industry.
  • Can be tailored with after-training support.
  • Discounts on link building packages and other services can be negotiated.
  • 3 months FREE after-training support.
  • FREE access to our online membership area.
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