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Listed below is the basic structure we have created for our public SEO courses (this structure can also be used to tailor bespoke or on-site courses). 

Full Course Structure:

#1: Introduction to Search Engine Optimisation:

The bread and butter of Search Engine Optimisation and all the basics that you need to know to progress your understanding of SEO. Some of the important components in this module include "How Search Engines Work" and the different ways people search for information online.

  • Introduction to Search Engine Optimisation
  • An overview of the Search Engine Results Pages
  • Universal Search: An Introduction
  • Some Basic HTML
  • How Search Engines Work
  • How Search Engines Index Content
  • How People Search: Query Types
  • Basic SEO Tools
  • 1 really, really useful SEO Tip

The introductory element of the course provides information on how the Search Engine Results Pages are structured, how the integration of vertical search into the SERPs has changed Search Engine Optimisation and some more basic, introductory information that is required to progress on to the more advanced stages of the course. 

#2 Strategy and Planning:

Following on from the introductory stage, we will look at some of the decisions that most webmasters or businesses face, and address these from the perspective of Search Engine Optimisation.

We will address how to Choose a Content Management System (and what to avoid), how to pick the right domain name for your brand and we will also briefly introduce competitive analysis.

  • An Introduction to Planning and why it's crucial
  • Choosing a Content Management System (CMS) & Choosing a Domain Names
  • Choosing a Hosting Package
  • An Introduction to Competitive Analysis
  • Benchmarking Performance and SEO Analysis
  • Elements of a Technical Audit (and how to do one)
  • Planning is a critical aspect of Search Engine Optimisation, particularly when it comes to making technical considerations.

#3 Keyword Research:

Effective Keyword Research can be the difference between a successful SEO Campaign and one that falls flat on its face. Keyword Research involves finding the RIGHT terms to target in your SEO campaign (the terms you want to appear for whenever a user performs a search).

At this stage of the course, we will provide a brief introduction to The Google Keyword Tool and various Microsoft Excel Functions including concatenate and VLOOKUP (which will make preparing a keyword research document a LOT easier). It's a lot easier than it sounds!

We will also look at how to perform effective keyword research, and how to expand your research out to include far more terms than you ever thought you were capable of targeting.

  • An Introduction to Keyword Research
  • Introduction to the Google Keyword Tool (and other options)
  • The Basics behind Keyword Research
  • Compiling your Keyword Research Document

This module will show you how to find the keywords that will drive sales to your website and how to identify and take learnings from what your competitors are doing online.

#4 On-Page Optimisation:

Link Building and Content Development make up the large part of any SEO Campaign. Nonetheless, on-page factors can still play a not-insignificant role in increasing your visibility in search.

  • The main On-Page ranking factors
  • Page Titles: An Introduction
  • Meta Descriptions: An Introduction
  • Other On-Page factors that can affect visibility
  • An Introduction to Long-Tail Optimisation and Research

#5: On-Site Optimisation:

On-Site optimisation is a significant part of Search Engine Optimisation, it's all about how search engines access and interpret the content on your website and how to make it easier for them to do so.

Some of the more important factors we address in this section include how to make your website more accessible to search engines, and how to identify and solve duplicate content problems.

The main factors that affect crawlability and how to control search engine access

  • Basic Accessibility Factors
  • How to create the optimal information architecture and internal linking structure
  • Different types of redirect
  • How to address canonicalisation and duplicate content issues
  • Geo-Targeting and Foreign Language Websites

#6 Off-Site Optimisation:

70% of the time spent on an average SEO campaign should be spent on off-site optimisation - alongside content development, it's the crucial component in any SEO campaign.

  • An Introduction to Off-Site Optimisation
  • The Structure of a Link and an Introduction to PageRank
  • Authority, Relevance, Trust and Importance
  • How to determine the value of a link
  • Some of the main Link Building methods
  • Additional Link Building Methods
  • Link Bait and Viral Content

Off-Site optimisation involves building links to you content - it's by far and away the main component which will directly influence your website's visibility in search.

#7 Blended Search Optimisation:

Blended search refers to the integration of vertical search channels like products, video, images, news and local listings into the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

  • An Introduction: Google Product Search Optimisation
  • An Introduction: Video Optimisation
  • An Introduction: Local Search
  • An Introduction: News Optimisation
  • An Introduction: Image Optimisation

This is a complete overview of the most important factors which will help you rank more prominently in universal search - we show you exactly what you need to do, why it's important and what it can do for your website.

#8 Analytics, Tracking and Reporting

It's essential to monitor your performance and take learnings from analysing data. This module will look at many different ways to monitor your progress in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

  • An Introduction to Google Analytics
  • Setting and defining objectives
  • Event Tracking and Creating Goals
  • Filtering Data and Indentifying Core Metrics
  • Internal Site Search
  • Monitoring Rankings and Benchmarking Performance
  • Additional Search Engine Optimisation Tools

After this module you will know how to monitor your rankings across thousands of keywords and how to use your analytics data to make profitable decisions for your SEO Campaign.

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