Link Building: It's Not About Quantities, It's About Results

Quality Links Increase The Visibility of Your Website in Search

You should be suspicious – it’s 2013, you need a new kind of SEO.

SEO is a minefield:

  • Are they going to do what they say they’re going to do?
  • How do we know we’re choosing the right company?
  • Are they still taking a 300% margin on the service they provide?
  • And so on.

The truth of the matter is this: search engine optimisation is about working with a third party search engine, no SEO company in the world, irrespective of what they tell you, knows in fine detail exactly or precisely how a search engine works. SEO is now, always has been and always will be, about “maximising the probability of success”.

However, here’s what separates the professional from the amateur: experience. And we have it.

Our Approach:

We’re honest, we’re upfront – did we mention that unlike other Agencies (large and small) we also create valuable content, too?

Our Head of SEO, Gareth Mailer, founded Clickwork Media in 2009 - he wanted to build an Agency that offered exceptional performance at a price which is affordable to small or medium sized business owners.

Due to the fact we utilise carefully sourced providers, our package prices are about 2,000% cheaper than most large SEO Agencies and the truth is, they provide precisely the same number of deliverables (some larger Agencies charge in excess of £3,000 per month for exactly the same service we provide for £199 per month (call us, we’ll name some of them – like we say, it’s a minefield).

  • We’re professionals. We’re a small team, however we all have extensive experience working within large Agencies and on large campaigns for multinational brands.
  • We’re not theorists, we’re not bedroom hobbyists – we research, we test. We work from data.
  • Our Head of SEO regularly speaks at conferences – he’s responsible for delivering over 70 SEO training courses in 2012.

Are we Panda proof?

We’re not going to claim to be “panda proof” (if you don’t know what that means, don’t worry – just contact us); here are a few more truths:

  • SEO is about maximising the probability of success – how you do that again depends on experience.
  • No form of direct link building is EVER going to be truly white hat; no form of link building is truly ethical (content marketing is not per say a form of link building, it’s content marketing which happens to attract links – there’s no building involved).
  • Our approach is firmly rooted in the “we’re going to do things as ethically as possible” philosophy of SEO. You’re our client and we have a very strong retention rate to uphold.
  • We can say, categorically, from utilising the approaches we utilise i.e. developing significant volumes of completely unique content for clients on a monthly basis, that in the last eight years we have been involved in this industry (as part of Clickwork Media, and as employees of Agencies), we haven’t once been hit by a penalty - why? Because we create value, we focus on your bottom line, we’re not greedy, and we work to achievable timeframes and goals.

There’s plenty more for us to talk about; please call us and ask to speak to an account manager. At the very least, you will give us the opportunity to grab a cup of coffee and discuss the favoured subject in the office – links. 


"Gareth has increased our rankings significantly since we have worked with him. He is always willing to explain his work, and provides thorough and timely monthly reports. He is a pleasure to work with." 

- Tracy Townend, Puddle Ducks Franchising Ltd


"The example is obvious, four months ago I was nowhere for my main target search term ("it support manchester"), and now I fall at the bottom of page one. We're also now appearing for a host of other search terms, too. Brilliant work. Very happy customer." " 

Lee Wrall, Everything Tech


"Clickwork Media got me up the rankings much quicker than expected while communicating perfectly throughout the process, their customer service is top-notch and the results are worth every penny! " 

Andy Howells, Unleash IT

  • Link Building Package #1
  • £199
  • 10 unique articles, written by in-house writers. Each article is 400 words in length.
  • All articles are submitted to quality blogs and article directories.
  • 5 unique blog posts, submitted to blogs owned by small business owners. Each post will be 500 words in length.
  • 25 social bookmarking submissions.
  • We diversify anchor text on a monthly basis.
  • Provision of a full report detailing all links built on a monthly basis.
  • Contact Us
  • Link Building Package #2
  • £299
  • 15 unique article submissions/blog posts, all articles are circa. 400 words in length..
  • All articles are submitted to quality blogs and article directories.
  • All content (which is completely unique) is written by an in-house team of writers.
  • 7 completely unique blog posts, submitted to blogs owned by small business owners. Each post will be circa. 500 words in length.
  • 50 social bookmarking submissions.
  • 1 press release distribution to a range of authority press release websites.
  • We provide a full report on all link building activity i.e. ALL links built to your website, at the end of each month.
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  • Link Building Package #3
  • £399
  • 20 article/blog posts per month - each article is COMPLETELY unique i.e. no spinning. Each article/post is circa 400 words in length.
  • Our team of in-house writers produce roughly 8,000 words of content per client, per month.
  • 1 press release written and distributed - this typically amounts to circa. 20 links back to your website.
  • 75 social bookmarking submissions.
  • 10 unique blog posts, submitted to small business owners websites. Each post is circa 500 words in length.
  • We provide a full link report at the end of each month which details ALL links built to your website over the previous month.
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"Gareth is a very personable guy that delivers results. Always happy to explain the inner workings of SEO and open to challenges. For the decision to go with CWM was because their own results show they are great at what they do. That was enough for me."

- Anand Pajpani, Leading Route Cars

Why Choose Us?

Our approach is firmly rooted in the uniqueness aspect of link building – we scale out the uniqueness and minimise duplication.

10 unique articles or blog posts submitted to 3 quality article directories or blogs will ALWAYS be worth far more than one unique article submitted to 600 worthless article directories.

  • There's absolutely NO contract to sign (this is pretty much unheard of in the SEO industry) - we are completely confident in our abilities.
  • We always go above and beyond to exceed expectations - just read some of our testimonials. 
  • We don't just deliver link building services, we also deliver training courses, speak at events and offer our services to a wide number of web design companies up and down the UK. 

Please call us now and ask to speak to an account manager.

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